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Last Friday I passed my Life in the UK test. The only place I could take this test was in Croydon as the other locations didn’t have any spaces left for that day. After finishing my test I decided to make the best of the trip up and go just a little further to London. I decided to visit the British Museum as I’ve wanted to go for a while now.

The closest station to the British Museum was Holborn. I forgot about the significance that specific tube station had for me, and as I made an exit towards the traffic lights, it all came back in a flash…

Almost a year ago, myself and one of my good friends from way-back-when… arranged to meet outside Holborn station. It was the first time we had seen each other in 6-7 years. I was so excited about seeing her. Once we locked eyes, it was as-if nothing had ever changed over the years. By this time we were both buzzing from excitement. Wow! It’s been too long!

We were hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat, I was adamant on going to the British Museum after…so we walked to the pedestrian crossing, stood there and looked for somewhere we could eat, possibly across the street from us and closer to the museum.

As we stood on the corner,  looking around, chatting 50 words per second, I caught a glimpse of a car coming our way. It was a silver Mercedes. It was coming towards us. I couldn’t move. My friend was in between me and the car coming our way and she was hit before I was. We fell backwards like dominoes… We were extremely lucky, as the car wasn’t going fast enough to pass the pole which activates the pedestrian green light.
Only one other person shared that corner with us, a girl, stood between my friend, and the oncoming car, slightly in front, next to the aforementioned pole. The driver went into cardiac arrest whilst driving and sadly passed away mid take off after a red light. The girl lost her leg.

My friend and I were physically unharmed. It was a miracle. It was truly a miracle. How we could just get up and shake the dust off. Nothing but a pair of ripped leggings and a bruise or two.

(Rewind back an hour or so… )-I remember as I sat in the underground tube (subway/metro system), on my way to Holborn. I looked up and saw an advert:
It read: “Would you be able to describe the person sitting in front of you when they are gone?)

It reminded me of the London Bombings in 2005. How unexpected it all was.  I booked tickets to see Lenny Kravitz with my boyfriend that weekend. On the tube, I was overcome with sadness, realizing how much living I still had to do before a sudden unexpected tragedy could happen to me, and so, I did something I rarely do enough. I prayed.

I still remember my prayer and asking God, to selfishly spare my life (just in case) .I had too many plans and too many people who would love and miss me. I prayed that if something had to happen that day, I would understand it was his will, but that he should take care of my family, boyfriend and friends scattered across the world (in case).

It was odd, that I had the sudden urge to pray on the underground.

(Back to Holborn Station) I don’t know what the bigger plan was, but I remember after the accident we were both in shock. A few hours after that, a huge wave of relief came over me. I couldn’t control it. I was just so happy. My mind wasn’t focused on anything else… I wanted to run up to strangers and tell them, that everything was still ok. And it was.

I subconsciously blocked the driver and the girl from my mind. It was too sad for me to think about them for too long. I wasn’t emotionally strong or mature enough to process what had happened and what we had experienced.

Last Friday reminded me how fragile life is, how there’s no dress rehearsal for it. How we’re not in control of everything. How we can’t prepare for everything. How we have to reach our full potential to call this -Life. I realized so many things last Friday.

Crossing the road, I had my camera in my hand and I smiled as I made it safely to the other side. I made it to the British Museum as I initially intended to – roughly a year ago.

Many things have changed since then, many things have improved and my life has more purpose now than it used to have back then. I so often sweat the small stuff, but this has reminded me to focus on things that make me smile instead. And I am so incredibly grateful for so many incredible people, experiences and beautiful things.

On a lighter note, I’d like to share with you, the first set of images taken at the British Museum on Friday the 18th February.

Thank God, the past is in the past and we have all the potential in the world to make our lives a happy and successful one. We only get one chance.


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