{The New Pre-Shoot Guide For Ladies}

“Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits.” ~William Hazlitt

When preparing for your photo shoot, it goes without saying that personal grooming is an essential part of creating polished pictures. Arriving to a shoot with chipped nail varnish, greasy hair, creased clothing or make-up plastered on, indicates that No.1 You don’t know yourself, and No. 2 You don’t care about your image.
Always endeavor to look your very best, because your photos will last forever.
(I’d rather be honest and lose clients than waste my own and their time with pictures I’d never want to see or use again. It’s called TOUGH LOVE.)

The new pre-shoot guide for ladies.


1. Nails: Make sure your nails are clean and looking fresh. When choosing a color take into account that you never want anything to detract the attention away from your face, so if you’re wearing brightly colored nail polish then you’ll be doing that exactly. The human eye is always more attracted to brighter colors. Try to wear nude/light colors, however this is a style preference and depends on which shades/tones you prefer.

2. Face: As someone who has acne, I can tell you that I absolutely know how awful it is to wake up in the morning at look in the mirror to find a pepperoni pizza staring back at you. However! And this is a BIG however… we can minimize any kind of scars or sun damage with a hint of skin softening. You will still look like yourself, just a little softer. Therefore, with or without the perfect skin, make sure that your make up does not overpower your face. The objective is always to enhance, not to change or cover up.
The day before your shoot, take a bubble bath, put on a mask and then exfoliate…Make room for the new skin cells and say adiós to the old. You’ll end up feeling pampered and glowing from head to toe, because you took the time to pamper yourself.

3. Hair: Wash and style your hair. You can curl, straighten or have it up, just remember that your hair should not be covering your face and shouldn’t be too difficult to maintain during a shoot either. Wind and breezes may come and go, and we can fix flyaway hair strands however you don’t want to spend forever worrying about your hair.

4.Clothing: Select your outfit(s) at the very latest, during the day before the shoot. You’ll be dressing for the day and not the evening and therefore you’ll need to see what the outfit will look like under sunlight rather than the florescent lights at home.
When choosing what to wear try and choose something that’s going to flatter your figure, show your curves (if you have any) and also something that’s practical. You want to be able to sit down comfortably and more around with comfort. Also, check that you’ll be wearing the right undies. As mentioned before, the camera sees everything. No bra straps on show and ideally try to avoid any VPLs (visible panty lines).
Always try to wear something that creates timeless photos. You don’t want to be looking at your pictures in 6months time and thinking: ” What was I thinking?? (DRECK-i-TUDE!)


~Patterns (Stripes can be very pretty but we want to focus on you rather than an optical illusion)
~Metallics ( I’m a big fan of gold, silver and bronze, but try to keep it to just your accessories and not the whole outfit. I’m going to use “printing” as the excuse for this. Gold will look yellow and silver will look gray…haha ( not really but, not everyone looks great covered in metallics! Level with me.)
~Black (Very flattering and oh so gorgeous, but not always ideal. Hints of black rather than blocks of it. If you have your arms hanging along your waist, it will make you look bigger than you really are, which I’m guessing is not the look you want)

{NO TRAINERS ALLOWED} Imagine a bouncer standing at the club door. I REFUSE to photograph trainers that belong with the rest of the gym kit. Sneakers Yes. Ugg Boots, uhmmm – No. Trainers, No. Flip Flops, NO and Crocks, Definitely NO. Ladies, apologies for my lack of tact, but I’d rather you look your very best and be proud of your pictures for years to come…(again..this is called tough love.)

Lastly, when booking your photo shoot, you’ll receive a private link to your password protected website where I’ve uploaded some fabulous and funny videos to get you excited, relaxed and ready for your shoot. Preparation is key, and if you take the time and energy to look good and feel fabulous, it will definitely show up in your photos.

There’s another guide you will definitely love. The “ohh sooo” luxurious kind.

Details coming soon…


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