||OPP||Year End stats 2010|Small Achievements|(Grab a tissue now)

Today is my last Blog post for 2010. In 3 days we’ll be celebrating Christmas Day, in 8 days we’ll be welcoming the new year and in 11 days I’ll be turning 26 (officially).

I figured it’s only appropriate to end the year with a few thank you’s along with a quick round up of small achievements in order to look back in a year’s time and measure my OPP (Online Presence Progress) <–©NadineBurzler…

This is what’s happened so far:
Click on each image twice to view it full screen.





So far I am really happy. It’s been less than 6 months and little by little I’m seeing progress and also starting to book more clients. I’m so excited about 2011 and what the year will have in store. 
On to the Thank You’s
One of my trusted friends Raj made a comment the other day, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  
“Nadine, I advise businesses for a living, that’s what I do and I can tell you that I predict that in two years time you will become unreachable…” 
In response to that –> LOVE the confidence you have mate, having a friend like you who supports and actually sees my vision with a clear mind, is priceless. I am so grateful for people like you in my life, where I can just sit back and observe and learn so much that I feel the need to carry my notebook with me at all times. Shukran & Tarima kasi Tulu.
A few other people who deserve a special mention and enormous thank you, are (in no particular order):
Ferdi Burzler – Sports/Event Photographer, Teacher, Life Coach and Dad
Dan Whelan – Photographer and Owner of ADD THE COLOUR Coffee Shop and Gallery
Stewart Weir – Reportage Photographer
Jai Grieve -Wildlife Photographer
Bryan Jay – Portrait/Fashion Photographer
Mike McLean – Urban Exploration Photographer
Joolz Perry – Macro Photographer
At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, (yes, crossed that line ages ago but bare with me) THANK YOU for your support in the first few months of a new venture. Your anecdotes, encouraging words of wisdom and for listening. Thank you for being hard on me at times and for helping me to stay focused and positive. I’m truly grateful and want you to know if there is any way I can EVER help you, please do let me know.
To my clients, friends, models, volunteers – Thank you for allowing me to do what brings me so much fulfillment. I do little internal cartwheels all day, every day at the prospect of another shoot because of the trust you have put in me and the beautiful images you helped create.
Now before the violin music starts to play, there is one more thing I’d like to share. Here’s a glimpse/hint/preview/teaser of my new website which will be launching early new year. I am so excited about this and cannot wait to reach and connect with more people. Yay! Let’s continue to learn and grow together.
So Finally…I wish you, YES–> YOU (especially if you’ve read this far…..phew!) a world of success for the coming year. 2011 is going to be an I~N~C~R~E~D~I~B~L~E year for everyone especially for those who read this Blog. *\0/* <– This is supposed to be a cheerleader in emoticon language.
Merry Christmas!!! xx


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