Lucie and I met many years ago when we were still working together for American Express. During that time she had upped and left to travel around Asia, whilst I followed my heart and Love to Mexico. Now and then I got an e-mail or two from Lucie with a few amazing photos attached. Although I was also abroad at the time…I was way more jealous of her travels at the time… (the grass is always greener kinda thing)

Anyways, to cut a loooong story short. Lucie and I kept in touch without even trying. We’d bump into each other in coffee shops, in the street, on a bus, in a parade… pretty much everywhere and so for some reason life is trying to keep us in touch with each other.

I believe it’s because I can learn so much from her. Have you seen her photos…? Increible <~ (French Accent)

Lucie asked me to be one of her subjects for a new “Sleepwalker” project she is planning. The photos below are just from the test shoot.From this test shoot, Lucie came up with another brilliant idea! (Yes, I love and hate her genius!)haha We’re doing a Nadz and Luc Photo Playtime Session once a week, where as partners in crime we get to bring our ideas to life and experiment through using each other for help, support and fun. This mutually beneficial and fun experiment is sure to be very-VERY interesting indeed.

Stay tuned.

This is me in my pyjamas. Please make sure you credit me everywhere, when wearing jammies in public, eventually becomes a trend… ;o)


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