Photographer Lynette Lawlor’s gorgeous kids

Pearly and Daisy are 2 gorgeous little bundles of mischief. During the “Three and a half Photographers” exhibition, their mum Lynette Lawlor was exhibiting along with Mike McLean, Molly and Stephen Cotterel.

When I saw Pearly and Daisy I noticed how much fun they were having trying to scare passers by through the window. . I took to their smiles and decided to sit in front of them and take some sneaky pictures hoping to capture something funny. They loved the camera and being in front of it, so we played “Boooooo….”(new game) for a little while, where they tried to scare my camera. ” Booooooo….!!!!” They’d shout and then try to scare me with their scary eyes. Then after the click – click they’d say… “Show us, we want to see the pictures….!” I’d show them, they’d laugh at themselves and then shout…”Again again…!” And that’s pretty much what happened for the next hour after that.

I was shooting without flash or tripod which meant I had to push up my ISO and therefore the pictures are quite grainy. My favorite photo is the larger one above. It looks staged but it’s absolutely not.

Thank you to Lynette for trusting me with them and for having 2 such adorable kids. If you ever need a babysitter…? You know where to find me *;O)


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