Braving the cold, one pose at a time… Model Sean Sattarnia

On Sunday I went to a tweet-up-meet-up with 7 other photographers I met through Twitter. Sachin Khona arranged for us to meet at Liverpool Street, London and after exchanging pleasantries we headed off to shoot 3 models found on Model Mayhem, who volunteered to help us out.

One of the models from the day was 21 year old male model Sean Sattarnia. Currently represented by The Model Bank and Beau-Belle Models. For some reason I was immediately drawn to his look. After my first happy snap I realized Sean knew exactly what he was doing and needed very little direction at all. Easy as pie.

We kept in touch after and when Sean mentioned he’d be coming down from Manchester to London to take care of some business he was also kind enough to go just a little further and meet up with me here in Brighton for another photo shoot.

Never, have I met such an ambitious model before. So disciplined and committed to his craft. Sean goes to the gym religiously, loves sport, especially basketball and when I ordered a cold Corona beer,  he was comfortable with his banana smoothie, politely informing me that it’s only one of his 5 a day. Now that’s dedication!

Regardless of his outfit, location or weather conditions, he always found a way to look fierce effortlessly. The photos below were taken on Brighton seafront. (If you live in Brighton, you’d know it’s bloody cold at the moment!)

GAP or even Hugo Boss would me lucky to work with such talent.

Go on…see and judge for yourself. 


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