Mon Dieu…How hot are they…?

Ludo and Audray are two of my very lovely French friends. Audray invited me over for dinner last Monday and I’ve been meaning to ask her if she could be my model for the day. She was quite shy but eventually gave in. I suggested Ludo should come along as he is currently just over for a visit before he jets off to Australia for a bit. We met about a year ago when I mistakenly thought they were a couple. Hard to believe looking at these pictures, they are just best friends.  Ludo is a Lifeguard in the South of France and lives close to Montpelier. Audray is a Hairstylist living and working in Brighton.

During the day, as it was quite cloudy, the sun came and gone quite rapidly and in-between we had a few rays of sunlight that beamed down from the sky and onto the reflector my assistant (and friend) Brice was holding for us. It was quite cold and props to Audray and Ludo for making it work. A special thanks to Ludo for taking of his shirt! I’m sure many of you will agree. He may do that more often..

Location: Basin Road South, Brighton. Close to Hove Lagoon.


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