ROI for Photography

I’ve tried to make a list of things myself and other photographers spend ££ on. Constantly re-investing time, money and effort. Keeping up to date with emerging trends to ensure a business has more chance of success in the long term. It all comes at a price.

How does one calculate return on investment especially when there’s always something new to add to this list?

  • Camera Body
  • Lenses 
  • Sensor Cleaning/ Lens Cleaning (Maintenance)
  • SD Cards
  • Multi Power battery Pack
  • Nikon Digital Camera Batteries
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Camera Bag
  • Tripods
  • Filters and Polarizers
  • Reflectors
  • Studio Backgrounds
  • Rent/Studio Hire
  • Laptop/ Internet/ External Hard Drive /CD’s
  • Adobe Elements / Photoshop / Lightroom 3/ Picnic Subscription
  • Website/ Design/ Domain/ Hosting/ E-mail
  • Film/ Developing/
  • Bags and Boxes for Gear/ Storage
  • Liability Insurance/ Camera Insurance/ Travel Insurance
  • Printers/ Photo Paper/ Inc Cartridges/ Maintenance/ Color Calibration Software/ Printing
  • Stationary/ Branded Stationary/ Business Cards/ Promo Materials
  • Advertising (Online/ Print)
  • Phone
  • Electricity
  • Travel/ Flights/ Hotels/ Hostels/ Car Hire
  • Time/ time and more time…consulting/traveling/shooting/editing
  • Professional Organizations/ Memberships
  • Seminars/ Workshops/ Expos/ Conventions/ Training
  • Books
  • Hired Help
  • Coffee

I’d appreciate if anyone else could mention anything I have missed. I’m sure it’s non exhaustive.


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