Austri’s Birthday Party.

Last Saturday I attended a special Birthday Party hosted at the Water Bar in the Thistle Hotel, Brighton.

My friend Austri was the lady of the hour.

At 15, (haha!) she still looks like a young spring chicken and she certainly still likes to shake her booty on the dance floor. She exudes the stuff most women would pay for. Confidence, charm, cuteness, class…

Where Austri goes the party follows. Why…?

No. 1 Because she has a ton of friends who adore her to pieces.
No. 2 Because she’s super fabulous, super hot and SUPER down to earth.
No. 3 She LOVES to dress up and really makes an effort with everything.
No. 4 She’s bright, bubbly and bossy (in a Latin kind of way) and….

No. 5 Because she’s probably hiding a bottle of 15 year old Venezuelan Rum in her purse. Haha

There you go. Short and sweet, just like she is. x

Here are a few pics from the night, colored pink, to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Feliz Cumpleaños Amiga! xx


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